100% Wisconsin Ginseng Tea - 30ct.

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Wisconsin Grown and Certified by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin

50% More TEA! - 30 TEA BAGS PER BOX

We have added an additional 10 Tea Packets per box, going from 20-30 packets. Our Bottles of Capsules offer a FULL MONTH supply; why not our Tea!?

Are you looking for that morning/mid-day boost without the caffeine? Try our Ginseng Tea, which makes for a great caffeine free alternative for someone searching for that pick-me-up. 

  • Fresh and convenient in individual (clear) pouches. 
  • 2g of Premium Ginseng roots/bag
  • High Quality (Biodegradable, see-through) Tea Bag
  • No Added Ingredients

All Heil Harvest Products are certified by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, displaying the trademark seal, guaranteeing that you are purchasing high-quality 100% Wisconsin Ginseng.

The Mayo Clinic has done studies, linking the use of ginseng to the reduction of fatigue displayed in patients undergoing treatment for various diseases/cancers.


Large Tea Cut: Large Chips of Prong & Fiber

Small Tea Cut: Small Chips of Prong & Fiber

Small & Large Tea Cut can be re-used in soups/broths after being used in tea's. Extra Bang for your $$$!