How to Choose Root Grades

The term “grade” refers to the shape and size of the root, and each retail seller has their own terminology to define those shapes. Ginseng is a unique plant- it can only be raised on a field once. And not planted on it every again! Because new land is used with each planting, the unique properties will yield different percentages of the shapes with each harvest. Dried roots will triple their size when reconstituted in your soups, tea, or broth.

Ginseng Root Grades

Heil Harvest Root Grades

Heil Harvest offers a variety of grades. Unless grade is determined for you by a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner or herbalist, select either:

Field Run Roots

Our Field Run Roots are packaged in handy resealable pouches; economical for home use in cooking, tea, slicing, or chewing; contains the branches (prongs).

Premium Gift Box Grades

Our Premium Gift Box Grades are packaged in beautiful boxes with pull out drawer; branches have been trimmed; perfect for personal or business gifts.

Pearl: Highly esteemed and valued, shortest and most compact
Short: Great midrange, uniform root
Long: perfect for slicing!