Adding Adaptogens before you Travel. ( click to see more )

Adding Adaptogens before you Travel. ( click to see more )

Don't wait to add Adaptogens to your lifestyle!

Traveling is tough on your body, dealing with the stress of planning, booking flights, and even packing; it is hard at times coping with it all. Starting to use Adaptogens before you travel or just to life in general, helps normalize body functions without all of the negative side effects that can be associated with many over-the-counter medications.

Adaptogens are plants or compounds that satisfy three important criteria:

  • 1.Safe – no significant side effects
  • 2.Non-specific – help improve general resistance to stress
  • 3.Homeostatic – help balance and normalize bodily functions (they work on the whole body, rather than a particular part of the system)

Neat Fact: Type in Adaptogen in Bing/Google and here’s what pops up.


How do you take Adaptogens? There are many different forms, including:

  • 1.Capsules
  • 2.Teas
  • 3.Powders
  • 4.Tinacures


At a minimum, start taking your adaptogens four weeks before you travel. By doing so, you are allowing your body to fully absorb these substances helping your mind, body, and soul get in a routine. Be sure to carry these supplements with you and stick with the routine, at least until you have returned. All of the adaptogens listed below can be taken long-term with no side effects, which are why they are so great! We’d truly recommend you keep up on them during your daily life.

6 Adaptogens to add to your lifestyle:

1.American Wisconsin Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolius)

2.Holy Basil






Start doing your research; I have provided a few great companies below to start your adaptogen library. You may also click on the adaptogen listed above for direct access to great quality products.

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Additional Companies to list:

Kombucha Kamp is a wonderful resource to start your kombucha in your own home! All of us ladies, in our office, here at Heil Ginseng, have started our kombucha brews and drink them daily.

Gaia Herbs is a great company to get multiple different herbs in different forms.