Is all “American Ginseng” grown in the United States?

Panax quinquefolius is grown in the USA, but also in Canada, China and a few other countries. Wisconsin ginseng farmers adhere to very strict EPA growing requirements. Applications and chemicals restricted in the USA are frequently used on ginseng in other countries. These are usually packaged with no country of origin, so consumers assume they are “American” (USA) in origin. Sometimes Chinese ginseng, Panax ginseng, grown in Asia, is imported to the USA and marketed as “American Ginseng”. It can be confusing to know exactly what ginseng is in a store or online package, and where it was grown.

Why so much misleading marketing of “American Ginseng”?

Bottom line: Less cost for lower quality ginseng being sold at higher retail price. Because of the world renown reputation over the past 130+ yrs of authentic American-Grown, Wisconsin American Ginseng, (Panax quinquefolius), consumers expect its high quality taste, purity, and strength.

What does that Ginseng Board seal mean on Heil Harvest Packages?

Savvy consumers know that’s why Heil Ginseng goes through all the stringent requirements of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin. To guarantee to YOU, with that seal on our packages, that what you are buying is true 100% American Wisconsin- Grown Ginseng. Nothing more, nothing less.

How many years old are ginseng roots?

Our ginseng is harvested at 3-5 yrs, depending upon how great or not-so-great those summers and winters have been.

Where are Heil Harvest products processed or prepared?

Our ginseng is harvested at 3-5 yrs, depending upon how great or not-so-great those summers and winters have been.

The Farm

Where in Wisconsin are your fields?

Central Wisconsin, with it’s great, nutrient rich, well draining soil and rolling hills.

Does the Heil Family really work on these farms?

We sure do!

Is ginseng Heil Ginseng’s only crop?

Since ginseng can be raised on a plot of land only once, other crops are grown on that land after ginseng is harvested. These include grain crops and alfalfa.

Shipping and Returns

If I place my order today, when will I receive it?

Orders are processed Mon – Fri until 3:00 pm. Shipping out usually within 24 hrs. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday. We want you to enjoy our ginseng as soon as possible so we try our best to process your order the same- ASAP!

What are my shipping options?

All shipping is standard, unless you call us to arrange otherwise, extra charges will apply. When you place your order, the most economical shipping rate is automatically selected. For orders totaling under 1 lb, shipping is USPS First Class Parcel- just a few days to reach you. Orders between 1 and ~9 lbs are shipped USPS Priority, a 2 to 3 day ship time. Orders 10+ lbs, are usually shipped UPS Ground, – up to 7 days to reach you.

Is International Shipping possible?

Yes, Heil Ginseng, Inc. is an exporter of Wisconsin ginseng. Because of international shipping requirements for ginseng, and depending upon the country, expect to pay $80 to $190 in addition to shipping fees for export permits, certificates, inspections and documents. And the consignee (receiver) may need to meet the import requirements of that country.

What if I decide to return my product(s)?

Our goal is for you to be pleased with Heil’s awesome ginseng. We understand that reconsiderations happen. Our product packaging is designed so you can see the product within. Unopened product can be returned within 10 days for a full refund of the product’s cost. Please contact customer service at 715-352-7200 to assist you in processing your return. We do our best to process returns within 7 business days.


Should I Create an Account or just order as a “Guest”?

Advantages of an Account:

  • Reorders and returns are smooth.
  • Keeps track of prior orders (when did I order last? What grade did I buy?)
  • Save time when reordering
  • Access tracking information easily

Advantages of placing order as “Guest”

  • Practice your typing skills by entering your address and shipping information each time you order and you don’t have to use a password.

I forgot my password, now what?

Password reset is easy. To reset your password, follow this link:, put your email address in associated with this account and click the box “forgot my password” and we will email you a new password. You can change this password anytime by logging into your account.