Ginseng Recipes


 American Ginseng Pork Soup

 Steamed Chicken with Ginseng

 Ginseng Quail Soup

 Double Boiled Ginseng Soup



 Heil Ginseng Tea:

  • Add Tea Cut/Ginseng Slices to (almost) boiling water and steep for 3-5 Minutes (steep longer for stronger taste) We recommend 2-4g of dry ginseng root per serving for optimal taste.
  • Optional: Add Honey and/or Lemon for additoinal flavoring
 HG Iced Tea:
  • Follow above instructions; adding honey while hot, then chill & add fresh squeezed lemon before pouring over ice.
  HG Instant Tea: Add Ginseng Powder to Hot/Cold Water and Stir

 Solander Dinin's Double-Boiled Chicken Tea with Ginseng



 Tropical Ginseng Smoothie