Why Wisconsin Ginseng?

Health Benefits of Wisconsin Ginseng - Increased Energy / Reduced Fatigue & Stress, just to name a few...

In a 2012 study, completed by Mayo Clinic, they studies 340 patients either undergoing treatment or in remission from cancer. Each patient was either administered 2,000 mg of pure Wisconsin-ginseng through capsule form or received the placebo treatment. Over the first 4 weeks there had been a slight improvement, increasing over the next few weeks until eventually at week 8 patients were stating a 20-point improvement in fatigue on a 100-point scale. To read the full article, click below! 



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Panax Quinquefolius - American Ginseng. Is a well-known adaptogen that has been used for hundreds to thousands of years in traditional or Chinese medicines. It was first adopted and used in Eastern Asian countries, acquired through trade with America. Even today, a majority of American (Wisconsin) Ginseng is still exported into china for daily and medicinal uses.

American Ginseng is preferred in china, as a substitute to their own Panax Ginseng which displays more of a short-term, heating affect as opposed to the long-term cooling effect you may find from Panax Quinquefolius. (You can read more about the differences under our "types of ginseng tab"). 


American Ginseng has been known to help with the following:

  • Support Brain Function
  • Regulate Cortisol Levels, reducing stress
  • Boost the Immune System
  • Sooth Intestinal Irritation
  • Help to Lower Blood Sugar
  • Provide Anti-Aging Properties
  • Provide Menopausal Symptom Support


Side Effects: (may include)

headaches, rapid heart rate, anxiety, trouble sleeping or upset stomach