Why Wisconsin Ginseng?

Health Benefits of Wisconsin Ginseng - Increased Energy / Reduced Fatigue & Stress, just to name a few...


More Information: Published by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin


Panax Quinquefolius - American Ginseng. Is a well-known adaptogen that has been used for hundreds to thousands of years in traditional or Chinese medicines. It was first adopted and used in Eastern Asian countries, acquired through trade with America. Even today, a majority of American (Wisconsin) Ginseng is still exported into china for daily and medicinal uses.

American Ginseng is preferred in china, as a substitute to their own Panax Ginseng which displays more of a short-term, heating affect as opposed to the long-term cooling effect you may find from Panax Quinquefolius. (You can read more about the differences under our "types of ginseng tab").