How to Use Ginseng


Capsules: The most convenient option for those on-the-go!

  • Suggested use (2) 500mg capsules twice daily.
  • Swallow with water and/or food.
  • Not an extract! Just pure milled Wisconsin ginseng roots, minimum of 5.5% ginsenosides (the beneficial saponins in ginseng).
  • Add capsule contents to your smoothie or oatmeal.

Roots/Slices: Wash root thoroughly (like any other vegetable) then use in soups and recipes. A little extra effort well worth the exceptional benefits; small pieces can be chewed or made into tea.

Tea Bags/Tea Cuts: Soilon® pyramid (see-through) with 2g of little root nuggets. Contents are roots! Enjoy hot or cold tea for a refreshing, post work-out or summer beverage.  Cut mesh pyramid add to chicken soup for a quick and easy health boost.

Ginseng Powder: Add powder to your soup, recipes, smoothie or oatmeal.


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