Wisconsin Ginseng Powder

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Product Overview

Wisconsin Grown and Certified by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin

8 OUNCE and 16 OUNCE Pouches Available


  • Stand Alone (Instant Tea) product
  • Can be added into your cooking: makes a great addition to soups, broths, shakes, juices, yogurt, ice cream, and other deserts! 
  • Makes a great addition to your Pre-Workout Shake before the Gym, giving you that extra boost without the true caffeine rush.


All Heil Harvest Products are certified by the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, displaying the trademark seal, guaranteeing that you are purchasing high-quality 100% Wisconsin Ginseng.

The Mayo Clinic has done studies, linking the use of ginseng to the reduction of fatigue displayed in patients undergoing treatment for various diseases/cancers.


Powder: 120 Mesh Ground Prong & Fiber


(No reviews yet) Write a Review